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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I met Veronica several years ago, when I came back from my two years stay in Fuerteventura. We both attended at Accademia del Teatro della Scala, in Milan. She studied costume technique, and two years ago she opened her own laboratory called “Linneo Archivable Clothing”. She creates wedding dress and suits for young couple who wants to be awesome on their special day. Daniele is an artisan too, he is a sound engineer and as a wizard, he shapes the music to make it sound better. They have two cats. But only one is not afraid to be in front of a camera. So, this story is not just about love. It is also about details, cats, dreams, friendship, cozy home, travel, old photos, music, fabric and theatre. And also about how incredible life is, when you find your stolen bicycle the day of your best friend wedding, while you go with him to the city hall. Bride & Groom both wear a unique piece made with love @ Linneo Archivable Clothing MUA: The bride's friends Bouquet and Boutonnière: Franciacorta Fiori Cremony: Sala dei Giudicii, Palazzo della Loggia, Brescia Venue: Vivaio Garbelli, Passirano

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